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This is when my nickname "Magpie" really comes in to play. Anything vaguely shiny, old looking, and to do with mystical and magical things of all kinds I cannot seem to resist. I think Polyvore has brought out the obsessive hoarder in me. UH-OH! It makes me want things that I didn't even know existed and has caused me to find far too many more online shops to browse through. But I love it!

A fool's galaxy fools gold ring -, Akong London 18 carat gold plated faux fur collar necklace -, Acorn locket necklace -, Silver skull ring with laquer - Solange Azagury Partridge, Heart amber earrings -, Bird claw necklace -, Marc by marc jacobs cat ring, LUV AJ bodychain, titanium arua quartz ring -, Jewelled locket ring watch -, Loselliani claw earrings - and  Quartz dangle earrings -

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