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Talons and Glitter

Today I went to the Christmas market in Colchester. My poor bank account.
I know I know, I shouldn't be buying things for myself this close to Christmas but I couldn't help it! These talon earrings were £8.50. I am smitten, but have to change the ear wires to silver ones as I am allergic to the metal that these are made with. Also pictured, my poor helix piercing, I have had it for 10 months now and recently caught it on something so it is angry at me again. Anyone who has any good ways of helping to heal cartilage piercings, please let me know!

I got these three glitter gel eyeliners for £2. I KNOW! How good is that?!?! It's too good to be true, I will probably end up having a crazy reaction to them or something. Green is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I am in the Christmas spirit and couldn't help myself.

I got some time to sneak in to a few chairty shops while I was in town and found this fuzzy beret for £2.50.

Also, going completely off subject, I met a reindeer and an owl today. They were at the Christmas fair and I got chatting to the boy who was taking care of the owl. He said that after three days of having a tie around his foot this little one managed to figure out how to untie it and get away! I fell in love with him (the owl!!) instantly and wanted to take him home. He was such a poser!

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