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velvet and berets

I didn't realise that those claw earrings were so big! They look massive in these photos. Also, note the Christmas decorations I made last night. The string of stars I got given to me. It's from the gift shop that I work in and it was the last one left.

The cream peter pan collar shirt was from Urban Outfitters, the velvet trousers were from Zara, the cardigan was from Topshop and the beret that I bought yesterday is also making an appearance!

I made the velvet necklace (it has a bloodstone pendant but you can't really see it.) and the necklace below I bought from a Charity shop a while ago now. I don't really know what symbolism it may or may not have or if i'm offending anyone by wearing it but it's one of my favourite necklaces. I suppose it could look kind of astrological? If anyone knows anything about it, let me know!

These rings are either gifts, second hand or from markets. From left to right; The amber ring was a birthday gift from my sister, I feel odd if i don't wear it. The silver floral cut out one was my mums, the twisted one was my mums and the cat one was from a market stall a couple of weeks ago. I wear these rings almost everyday and i'm always on the lookout for more!

Exuse the chipped nail varnish and short generally horrible looking nails.They become very brittle and snap off so it's impossible to grow them much longer than this. The nail varnish is my favourite at the moment though, Bourjois one second per nail. It has a flat brush so it's really easy to apply and dries really quickly. It stays on forever too! I've had this one for almost a week and it's only just started to chip.

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