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An extremely late almost New Years Eve Christmas post.

Happy extremely belated Christmas everybooodddyyy!
Terrible photos of my Christmas day outfit; Black fuzzy sweater-River Island, Red velvet skirt- Charity shop, Tights-dunno, maroon socks-H&M, shoes-Ebay, Necklaces-one I made and the other from a Charity shop,beret-Charity shop


I am off to Prague on Friday for New Years Eve for a week, Weeee!
Goodbye! Or should I say 'Na shledanou' I'VE DONE MY RESEARCH YEAHHH.
(also, I think my new years resolution will be to not shy away from people taking photos of me as much as i do, it looks like i've never been anywhere as I am always behind the lens! Does anyone out there have any interesting resolutions?)
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