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My packing for Prague is finally complete. I heard from my boyfriend that is was minus 15 there the other day! I am going to freeze into a Meg shaped icicle. Packing for a week of cold weather in a handluggage bag is a difficult thing to do. I managed to cut down to just one velvet item of clothing, which is hard for me as I seem to have a lot of it!

Of course my trusty Nikon is in there, along with an extra 50mm 1.8 lens for fireworks. Lots of batteries for my compact which I am mainly going to use for filming little bits, and my Yashica T3. I know...three cameras. But i can't help myself! All i seem to do is take photos.

Theeee Kipling and Peter Pilotto bag that I have been after for quite some time. My dad did good this Christmas. MMMmmmm

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