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I'm baaaack.

I have returned from Prague. It was amazing, if not a teensy bit too cold for my liking. I don't think that wearing as many layers of socks as I did should be legal. My poor toes are so sore. We walked everywhere, I was fascinated by the Astrological Clock, every hot chocolate I had was perfect, the architecture was astonishing, I got to go to a Alfons Mucha exhibition (and have FINALLY got some inspiration to start painting again!!), and found a few lovely little vintage and second hand shops. Maybe I should try going again in the summer months.

 Happy new year everyone!

Astrological Clock

Stained glass by Alfons Mucha in Prague Castle

Two jumpers, and two pairs of leggings. I felt like a penguin.

I bought this cat clip from a souvenir shop and it broke 5 minutes later. Super glue to the rescue!

My new favourite jacket, I can't wait for weather that I can actually wear it in.

I also bought this shirt from Bohemian Retro. I'll upload better photos of it soon, as you can't see it in all it's glory in these!

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