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Brothel Creepers, yay or nay?

On my walk home this evening from having a lovely day charity shopping with Sam of zeligblog, my favourite shoes right sole fell off. But through the mortifyed state that I was in, staring incredulously at the poor little sole in my hand, I thought to myself  "Now, here is an exuse to buy a new pairs of shoes, at least" and the first thing that came to mind was...BROTHEL CREEPERS. I haven't got a clue why, but for the past little while I have been tempted to buy a pair. I'm not entirely sure if I would look ridiculous in them because I am often told that I look like some sort of cartoon, and the oversized soles of these babys would definatley make me look out of proportion. But for some reason I am in love with the thought of wearing a pair.
These are my favourite pair, By Free People.

The rest are from TUK shoes, I used to have an amazing pair of TUK shoes with cats faces on the toe. I wonder where the hell they went.

Ahhh! I want a pairrrr.

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