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Looking Forward

I am desperately longing for spring this evening.
Currently I am trying to gradually start wearing less black. Right now, as I am typing, I am wearing a full black outfit. Oops. My wardrobe is full of black, gold and burgundy all year round and I feel it needs a change! I'm craving cream coloured blouses, embroidery and knee and calf length skirts made of light, almost transparent fabrics.


I'm also trying to find ways of incorporating my obsession with velvet this spring and summer, without looking like I am forever stuck in a winter wonderland. I managed to find a peachy coloured velvet embroidered camisole (pictured above, top right), so I am on the hunt to find velvet pieces in that kind of colour in the next couple of months!
spring one black dress managed to squeeze it's way in somehow, but I couldn't resist!

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