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Job Hunting Day

(Straying from style a bit today, uh-oh) Today is job hunting day. I am currently in a job that I no longer enjoy and it is driving me insane! In an ideal world I would want to have a part time job and sell my artwork, little pieces of jewellery and sewn objects that I make on websites like Etsy and market stalls but it is such a difficult thing to get going when your feeling as lethargic about everything as I am. I've had an Etsy account for months now, and I think that I am finally going to do something with it. I'm currently looking in to where to get my artworks reproduced and printed, so you could see me selling things on there in no time!
Here are a few of the designs i'm going to start out selling, my most loved ones on Flickr mainly. If these start selling reasonably, then I may move on to selling my paintings, but we shall have to see! If anyone out there is at all interested, let me know.

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