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Leon and Black Swan

Leon (The Professional).
I only discovered this film recently ( I know! Whats wrong with me?!) and really loved it. I sobbed all the way through, next to my fast asleep mother. Something to enjoy between the heart wrenching parts were Mathilda's and Leon's clothes though, hah!

This reminds me of when I was in my early teens, wearing cat collars, stripes, and a little dyed black bob. It's making me want to revert back!


Crazy colours, high waisted shorts and John Lennon style sunglasses? I think this could be a summer look for me. YES.

Natalie Portman was even amazingly beautiful as a child!

 Comic strip tights...I have a pair of these let over from my childhood somewhere. I doubt I'd ever be able to pull them off now though.

Black Swan.
I am anticipating the release of this film in cinemas ridiculous amounts. I think I'm going to have to see it by myself though, as everyone has gone back to universities all of over the country after the Christmas Holiday.

 As everyone already knows, Rodarte did an exruciatingly beautiful job with the costumes throughout this film. I can't wait to see all of the details on the big screen as it is quite difficult to appreciate it with such tiny film stills.

Also, the makeup. THEE MAKEUP. It's amazing. Next fancy dress party, you all know who I'm going as. Not even joking! The last photo on this post also shows that she has feather like makeup from her fingers fading out through to her forearms. It's all so wondefully dark and dramatic.

I have a feeling I will be sobbing throughout this too! (On my own in the cinema, that will be nice and embarassing.)

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