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Extremely late

Today I did some extremely late sale shopping. I wasn't actually banking on finding anything in my shoe size, considering a size 4 is one of the most average sizes out there so everything tends to go too darn quickly for my slow little brain, but, on this occasion, I struck gold! Fair enough, they aren't exactly good for the amount of woodland walking that I do, but they are perfect for work and general wear. AND they're suede. I've been hankering for something suede to arrive in my wardrobe for quie some time! So thank you, Urban Outiffters! Anyway, enough with all of this boring blah blah blah, here are a couple of photos of them:
*EDIT* I can't find the photos for this. SORRY!

Kimchi and Blue suede bow slip on skimmers, £10!
I also bought a brown pony hair wallet from, but for some reason the photo on the UO isn't working, and the photos that I managed to find on google were far too tiny.
I am actually getting excited about receiving these in the post in the next few days. Weeeeee
But anyway, there are a few sizes left in these babies, so if you fancy a pair, GO GO GO!
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