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Like a little clock that trembles on the edge of the hour

     I wanted to write an eloquent post about Joanna Newsom, and how much of a fan I am of hers, but unfortunately, I'm not the most competent of writers, (probably shouldn’t be something I should be stating on a blog of this kind…) I really appreciate a good writer but I myself am not one. Much to my dismay (seriously, it really saddens me sometimes that I was not blessed with the ability to write interesting and captivating pieces of writing!). I depend more on visuals to get my point across. BUT I’m going to try!
    Now, I have been a long time fan of Joanna Newsom, her chaotic language never fails to tug at my heart strings. Her music sounds as if it should be from an era that has long passed, it seems to be an otherworldly experience every time my ears are graced with it. I am in love with little parts of every single one of her songs, and I cannot say that about an artist very often, no matter how much I may love them. She also manages to have this air of utter femininity about her, an almost purity and innocence, and yet she still manages to be completely individual in how she presents herself and her personality (from what I have gathered from various interviews and photographs from across the web). Plus, she’s a Simpson!


Joanna Newsom is a huge inspiration to me at this point in time. I hope you enjoyed my flailing attempts at trying to sound even vaguely interesting, ha!
(all of these photos were taken from Last Fm.)
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