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Cats And Foxes

Cats and foxes have always been two of my favourite animals, I remember growing up watching films like ‘The Fox And The Hound’ and ‘Aristocats’ and actually being surrounded by a house full of little kittens pattering around their mum and dad.  Now I even have my own cat, Maude, who has featured on this blog a couple of times! So it has gradually turned into a full blown obsession. Anyway, all of this cat-talk is leading up to the fact that I have just seen these on Why I torture myself looking at all of these American sites I have no idea. Opening Ceremony and Deyrolle have combined to make these wonderful fox and cat print pieces. If only if only! I can’t even choose my favourite one…aaaah.

**UPDATE 2012** I can no longer find these photos. please refer to this for explanation. 

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