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A Mixture

    Today I ventured in to town to give myself something to do, I felt at a loss because I usually work today. I wasn’t expecting to find anything, but I ended up coming home with a couple of goodies. The first was from Salvation Army, a light pink/peachy coloured bodysuit which is very plain, but will go with a lot of things that I own, and the second was a red velvet bustier from Topshop in the remains of their sale. I was surprised when I found it because I thought they had sold out! I can’t wait to wear it out somewhere. Although I’m not sure if it will be a red overload what with my hair being very loud shade of copper at the moment as well.

Also, I’m heading down to Brighton on Monday until Wednesday so you may not hear from me until after I get back. Although I’m sure I will come bearing many more goodies, as I will be doing some serious shopping! Wish me luck on the trains, I have no sense of direction.
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