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Pressing Flowers & Painting Pictures

This outfit is actually from yesterday but I completely forgot to upload the photos! I have worked loads of hours this month so that meant that I could buy myself a new pair of much needed trousers. I was looking for something lightweight for the coming summer months, mid rise/high rise and a dark colour (I seem to be going back to black at the moment, uh oh), and I managed to come across these. They fit me perfectly, which is a very rare occurrence, they are a very thin stretchy denim-like fabric, mid rise, and they are black! I haven’t found a pair of trousers this perfect in a long time. I can’t stop wearing them!
My dad and step mother (I still feel weird calling her that…) have gone on holiday to Thailand for a couple of weeks, so I have been enjoying my freedom by spending my time painting, which generally I am not allowed to do in the house when my dad is around, it is like heaven! I have commandeered the front room as my temporary studio and have a painting on the go as I type. Also, sorry for the quality of the photos, I need to get back in to doing them during the day.
Trousers – Topshop
Shirt – Gap
necklace – Hand made by me
Rings from left to right – Mums, present from my sister, Topshop(£2.50!), present from my friend Keita