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The Last Month Or So






I thought I would share just a few photos from the last month or so. First and second being of my two oldest and dearest friends Sam and Hatty at the first barbeque of the year, hosted by the living 50’s pin up model, Hatty. The barbeque ended up breaking just before we started so it was more of a “cook inside and eat outside it’s summer!” party. The next few are of Andy, we went for a walk around where I live part time, I haven’t got a clue where he got that jacket from, but it’s goooood. Last are a photo of my step mother and I eating our first ice creams of the summer and a rather grumpy looking one of me (wearing all black again, uh oh!) beside a tree that my dad insisted on taking. I hope you are looking forward to seeing more of these snaps, as I’m sure I will be inundating this blog thick and fast with them.
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