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Pink Trench Coat

I bought a pink trench coat today…..have I gone mad?

First off, it isn’t black, in fact, its the about the furthest away from my favourite clothing colour. Second, Its summer, so I will only be able to wear it in the evenings, or on rainy days (which we seem to be getting a lot of….). And thirdly, it’s pretty long. Well, long enough for a short person like me to be made to look even smaller. But for some reason I really like it. Again, if I have in fact gone insane please feel free to tell me! hah. Oh, and the best thing about it is the fact that I didn’t pay for it! I bought it with a gift card that my step mother bought me for my birthday! Yessss. (Please excuse the terrible room mess and horrible quality of this photo, I took it while in a rush)
Trench – H&M
Black stripy tunic – H&M
Black trousers - Topshop