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My mum gave me this lovely mink coloured skirt, originally from H&M, the other day. It fits me perfectly, and is light and floaty which is perfect for summer, but I’m having trouble pairing it with anything other than black. It was too hot for this ballet warm up jumper today, but I didn’t realise until I got outside and couldn’t take it off because I was wearing a sheer top underneath!
And now something completely unrelated. I’m moving on the 15th of August to Brighton! Three friends (All of which already live there) and I have just put a deposit down for the top two floors of a Victorian townhouse. It has a balcony!!! I am the most excited that I have been in a very long time about this. I’ve even begun buying “housey” things. Looks like I shall be trawling the charity shops for the next few weeks buying plates, cups, and general miss matching utensils to take with me to my new home, which of course I will probably share with you on here! EXCITEMENTTTT