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Recovery Day

Today I am recovering after what turned out to be quite the strange day! Thankfully the evening turned out to be good, which I was not expecting after what happened. I decided I would cycle a few miles to a little place called Wivenhoe to have lunch with some friends. Cycling was not a good idea. I have had an ear infection, eye infection and the flu recently and obviously didn’t give myself enough time to get my energy back up before heading out! My friend and I got there in the end, after me stopping to huff and puff and complain about how stupid I was thinking I could just come out and it would be fine. I then fainted flat out in the middle of the most busy pub in Wivenhoe! MORTIFIED. I managed to peel myself off of the floor a few minutes later with my friends help, my main concern being that everyone thought I may have been drunk or something. We finally had something to eat and settled down, only to find that the cycle path had been shut due to someone hiding on the trail and mugging people as they went past, which meant we couldn’t get home! In the end we managed to squeeze both of our bikes in my mothers car and drove home sitting on each others laps, worrying that we would be caught by the police. We weren’t. It was fine. The end!

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