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I Am In Love


I am absolutely in love with this coat. Kind of splurged a bit on this one, which is completely unlike me, (I like to pride myself on finding second hand bargains) but I saw it while walking through Williams and Griffin today and pretty much ran at it whispering to myself “oh my god I need this coat”. My mum just stood there laughing at me, but as soon as I tried it on she agreed and may as well have dragged me over to the till to buy it, so of course I couldn’t say no, right? It is by a company called ‘Sugarhill Boutique’, which I have to say, I have never heard of before, but if more of their clothing looks like this then I may have a spending problem!

I also managed to do the impossible and find myself a foundation that matches my skin colour! WHAAAT. I was made to sit on a chair in what seemed like the middle of Boots and had a woman trying loads of makeup on me to see if anything matched. We went through quite a few and then she went to get the lightest one she could find and hey presto! So embarrassing. It’s even called ‘Alabaster’, ha!
**EDIT MAY 2012** Unfortunately I can't find some of the photos for this post.
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