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I'm Baaaaack

Hello everyoneeee.
I know I know, that was a pretty long break from blogging on my part, huh? My excuse is that my cat ate my photos……….okay, what really happened was that I was really really stupid and managed to delete all of my photos from past posts because I didn't read the small print on google+ (durrrrr) and losing them all kind of put me off from posting anymore. That and I was in a bit of a life/style rut.
SO! I am going to slowly ease myself in to posting again, and even more slowly get all (most…..some) of those photos back up, IF I can remember what I was wearing on what date. Which, lets face it, is very unlikely because I forget eeeeverything.
Also, I shall be armed with my new toy (His name is Felix The Fujifilm…yes, I have named my camera.);

Fujifilm X10 1

…….and my boyfriend, who will be taking most of the photos.


So, let's see how this goes, I'll post again soon!
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