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Lingerie Love

I have a confession to make. My penchant for lingerie is beginning to get out of hand! I always seem to be ogling over different ranges everywhere. 
Agent Provocateur has always been one of my favourite brands for lingerie, and their spring/summer 2012 collection is wonderful! I keep looking at them and then changing my mind and somehow managing to find something new and interesting in the new range.
 The 'Ariel" set above, although being the most colourful, therefore the most out of my comfort zone, has to be my favourite. Those Candy/pastel colours are my palette for this summer.....if I can succesfully get out of wearing as much black as I do.

When buying lingerie, I try to follow the advice of Dita Von Teese. I read an interview with her a few months ago in an email from Emerald Street (I love you guys by the way!). She said “I think a good black bra, panty and garter belt set is something everyone should own, should invest in. Buy two pairs of panties for every bra, because you wash them twice as much. Also buy the briefs and the thong because then you won’t not be able to wear the set because of visible underwear lines. Don’t think only teeny weeny thongs can be sexy: I like wearing briefs. I love big panties, I think they’re super sexy.” (Read the whole article here.) As soon as I read it I thought I should try to follow that advice as much as I can. I agree with the last part especially, I am yet to be convinced by the thong, hah!

p.s: I am now on Pinterest! Ta-daaa