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In 2008 I bought my first tote bag, and have since then unintentionally, and unconsciously (up until now), began a little tote bag collection/obsession. Currently I have six, And shockingly, I use them all! Unlike a lot of my other collections.


I like to think each of them have a little story to them, as I tend to buy them when I go somewhere new. Take my Berlin bag; I bought it at a hostel that I stayed in for a week in Berlin called Amstel House (it has a picture of the hostel on the other side). Or the Oxfam bag; this was my first tote, I bought it in St.Ives in Cornwall when my handbag broke and needed something quick, it has since become the one I probably use the most.

Do you have a tote bag collection? Or a collection of anything at all? Iā€™d love to see them!


Also, my boyfriend and I had this for dinner the other night, I thought it looked so homely that I had to take some photos. Home made bread, sliced red pepper and baked camembert with white wine and garlic. A fondue to die for!



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