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5 1/2-ish Days

Since I blogged last I have completed my last day of work, and now I am concentrating on packing up my life into boxes and suitcases, to be put in to a van and moved to Cambridge! I had a moment of realisation the other day; I have A LOT of stuff. My room is like a tardis, I don’t understand how I ever managed to fit all of it in there.


Since I have given what feels like most of my clothing to charity shops over the past couple of days, I felt that this geometirc midi skirt for £3 wouldn’t make me feel too guilty for buying it. My bank account is feeling awful thanks to an Ikea visit last week.


Also, my Ecotools brushes finally arrived! I bought them from EBay from Hong Kong for around £4 with free postage. God knows if they are the real thing or not, but they seem to look it. Even the packaging looks exactly the same, and they feel lovely and soft, especially in comparison to my lonely and very old current blush brush. Can’t wait to start using them, and for my Everyday Minerals flat top brush to arrive in the next couple of days!

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