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Joyeaux Noel

On the 1st of December the sign went up outside our village’s garden centre for their yearly Christmas tree stock and we picked one out and carried (well, I should say my boyfriend carried) it home the next day! The poor boy that worked there was in the middle of the car park looking for our car to help us when we told him we were walking! He looked at us like we were mad, but we assured him we only lived 5 minutes walk away.

photo (2)

A rather proud Harry carrying our spiky visitor home.




We made these geometric shapes out of nets that Harry found and printed out, and on the other side I printed John Keats winter themed poems.


I also dipped some clear baubles into tester pots from work. It was messy, but extremely fun to see customers looking at them and asking what I was doing.


Ta-da! Our first Christmas tree in our new home. I’m rather in love with it, I wish it could be in our living room all year round. When the time comes I may have to replace it with a large house plant or something.

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