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metallic by meganmagpie 

I spotted this Oh My Love for Topshop dress online and fell in love with the ballet wrap and elegant long sleeves, and then remembered how obsessed I used to be with polyvore and decided to make my first set in 9 months (so my account tells me)! Theres also some lovely lacy underwear from Monki, socks from Monki, ceramic had and quartz necklace from Serpent and the Swan on, and Coquine glasses from bonlook.

I'm in need of a new pair of glasses, and I'm considering either Bonlook or Warby Parker. Both are companies based in America, so I wouldn't be able to have my ritual try 10 million pairs of glasses on before I choose one, but I'm thinking I might risk it! There just doesn't seem to be any UK based companies that have the shape of frames that I like. If anyone out there can prove me wrong though, please do so! 
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