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Grumpy Sun Face

Please excuse the bitch-face, believe it or not, it was really bright outside. Sunlight bounces off of this white wall in my garden like crazy!

I bought this dress when I was in Paris for my birthday last week, from Oysho in Galaries Lafayette. Boy, is that place daunting! I felt a little overwhelmed by everything and only managed to come out with this. I regret not buying more from Oysho though, there isn’t one anywhere near me, and getting the chance to try everything on would have probably been worth it!

Also, look what I came home to! I was expecting everything to be dead, not having been watered for the few days that I was away, but my strawberries are thriving! Can’t wait until they are sweet little red rubies. Mmmmm.

Long sleeve top – H&M

Dress – Oysho

Shoes – Topshop

Belt – Forever21