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Lover The Label launched their first image heavy campaign, ‘Chorus’, a couple of weeks ago, and, yeesh! It’s a good one. I’ve always loved Karen Olsen, being the beautiful red head that she is (and possibly the person who inspired me to stay auburn-haired all these years, minus a few fool-hardy black-brown moments), so I was excited when I realised it was her doing the modelling.

And with Lina Scheynius taking the photos! Possibly the best combination ever. Lina Scheynius has been a constant source of inspiration for me, ever since I first found her work when I was 16. It’s so personal and ethereal, and sometimes a bit voyeuristic, but it’s just the best. When I have nothing else to do, I still often find myself oggling at her website. She was mentioned in so many college art essays its almost a bit embarrassing. (…Wow, my education years seem so far away now.)

Here are a few of my favourites;

lover the label 1

lover the label 4

lover the label 3

lover the label 2

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