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New Things


My poor old bike died a horrible death becoming rusty in my dads back garden since i moved out, it was completely beyond repair. So I saved up and bought, well, a very similar one! But shiny and brand new and not squeaky! Which means I will be doing a lot more exploring and finding new locations for blog posts.

In other news, I had a haircut. Last Tuesday was the first time I stepped foot inside a hair salon since I was 17 years old. It was actually quite enjoyable! And although you can’t exactly see it in this photo, I got a side fringe (bangs? fringe?)!!!!! This is the most exciting thing I’ve had happen to my all-one-length hair in years. YEARS. I’m still getting used to it, and find myself flicking it out of my face quite a lot, but it’s the little change that I wanted, so for the moment I’m happy with it.

Dress: H&M conscious collection

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