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The Most Fickle Person on the Planet...

...Is me! I can only apologise about my infernal chopping and changing over the last little while between wordpress, tumblr and back again. Well, wordpress never actually quite happened because I got annoyed with it before even posting anything (hah!), but I've been on Tumblr for the past month. I don't get on with it, so I've moved back here, for good!
(And I think I've managed to completely confuse my Bloglovin' account with domain names, because now it' not updating my posts, whoops.)

Anyway, back to blogging.
The past couple of months I have been painting little pictures and putting them in to vintage frames to sell at a vintage fair I will be attending in St. Ives (Cambridgeshire) on August 2nd. My chinoiserie painted cabinet will be coming along with me, and hopefully also a sewing box that I am currently refurbishing and painting. Below are a couple of things I will be selling. As I make more I'm sure I will post them here, and on my Instagram!

May 2015

May 2015