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Let's Be Nosey

I've been trying to take photos for an outfit post but the lighting in my house and outside is ATROCIOUS at the moment (can you tell?? These are preeettty bad) so let's be nosey instead!I'm going to let you in to my bag. I know these have been done a lot and are the "cliche" blogger thing to do, but they are pretty fun, you've got to admit. I like to think you can tell a lot about someone by what they carry around with them, plus, its fun peeping in to other peoples lives sometimes, right??


The bag itself is from Asos, from the brand Grafea. It kind of makes me feel like I'm going to school whenever I wear it, but I love having two free hands! I try to carry a notebook/sketchbook around with me as much as possible. Lately I haven't been as much, I've found working full time means no time for sketching, but on my days off I try to make sure I remember to pack one. I tend to use the Daler Rowney Graduate sketchbooks in the A5 size for my bag. The thick paper can handle a bit of gouache/watercolour, which is great, and they are crazy cheap! I used to use Moleskines, but a while ago I started to think that they are a bit over-rated, and over-priced, for what they are really. Sorry die hard Moleskine fans! I also carry a pen (purple at the moment) and my Uniball "Kuru Toga" mechanical pencil with 2b or 3b leads. Harry bought me the pen for Christmas, its refillable and came with a cute little glass bottle of purple ink. The pencil rotates every time you put pencil on to page, so it always stays sharp!



My camera is my baby. Her name is Olive & she is perfect! All weirdness aside though, this little one is honestly amazing. It's like a DSLR in teeny-baby form. It comes along on all my little outings and adventures and is easily the best thing I have ever spent money on. I won't bore everyone with all of the details about it, but if you are in to micro four thirds cameras and photography in general, this review is one of the many that helped me choose (it's also pretty.): link


I don't tend to carry around a lot of makeup, but I seem to have loads of lipsticks floating around in here! Kiko 909 is a warm red, Kiko 913 is a warm rose-y colour, I wear both of these daily. L'Oreal is a really bright red that I'll only wear sometimes (read: when I am feeling kick-ass) and the Art Deco one is called "Autumn Flower" and is a kind of brown-y (ew??) rose/mauve colour. It's a lot nicer than I'm making it seem. It's really wintery. Anyhow, I also carry a concealer, at the moment I'm using a Revlon one, but its so damn messy! Even though I know I've done it up tightly, splodge! concealer all over the inside of my bag. I don't think I'll be buying it again...sorry Revlon!

And as if that wasn't enough to lug around with me all day, I also have my keys, wallet, Sennheiser earphones, Korres hand cream, Kindle, nail file and tiny hairbrush. Eesh!

This has kind of turned in to a weird mini review of the things in my bag. Who knew I'd have so much to say on such a frivolous subject!

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