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Moving House

And it's March! Wow! The last couple of weeks of February went faaaaaast. I crammed a lot in. I left my 9-5 job behind, started working in interior design full time and started to get ready to move! (aaand sneakily changed the name of this blog AGAIN. I promise it won't happen again!)

We're downsizing to a tiny apartment annex, so we've been recycling and giving A LOT to charity. It's hard to let go of stuff, but it feels really good and "cleansing" at the same time. I've been RUTHLESS!

It's now 14 days until we move and I can't wait to show you our new place. We have been given the opportunity to have free reign with paint colours (finally! You have no idea how much this means to me, after having to live in magnolia houses for the past 12 years *gagging noises*), and we've been curating our belongings to create a more cohesive and functional space. And function is top of the list, it being so small! I've been collecting a few images on pinterest over the last little while for inspiration;

The bedroom ceiling is low in our new space, but the warm grey on the walls I'd love to emulate, as well as the antique mirrors and flash of green in the bedding.

Magnetic storage and wall storage is definitely going to come in to play in the kitchen as we won't have a lot of worktop space. I love the warmth of metallic accessories too. Pink shower room of dreams! Instead of tile, we're using paint a very similar colour to this, and then using white mini brick tiles behind the corner sink. Our grey towels will work really well in this space, too; grey & pink, such a yummy colour combination. Again with the antique mirrors! I'm going to have to get hunting...

The living room has a high ceiling, as well as a large fitted bookcase and fireplace alcove taller than me(!!) which will house our television. Hopefully to be shut away when not in use. The walls can definitely take a dark warm grey, and the bookcase is going to be painted in a bright pop of colour. Still don't know what yet! I'm leaning towards pink...or green? what do you think?

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