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Favourite Things: June

My favourite things/times/places/people this month:

  1. A friend of mine, whom I've known since I was 14, got married this month! I'm so happy for her and her now husband, they are a wonderful couple. It was also SOOOO lovely to see friends I haven't seen in years!
  2. BBC Iplayer has recently started Releasing entire series in one go (joining the "binge watching" movement I guess) and I indulged myself by watching the entire series of The Living and The Dead. Partly because I saw that Colin Morgan was in it (MERLIIIIN!), but mostly because it sounded good and Victorian-ghost-story-creepy. Juuuust the way I like it. It was fantastic! Even Harry watched it, which is saying something. I wasn't expecting the weird modern element in it either, it definitely kept me watching.
  3. Just after my birthday Harry's mum booked for us all to go canoeing on the river where we live. It's going to sound really silly, but it was honestly one of the best, most calming things I have done in a looooong time. I'd really love to be able to do it more often.
  4. Another TV series, and one I have mentioned briefly before: Penny Dreadful! I've just started watching season 3 and yet again, it's brilliant. Way over the top, self indulgent and dramatic and Eva Green is fantastically creepy as usual.

I'd really like a book to read next month, can anyone suggest anything for me? I'm usually a fiction kinda girl, Haruki Murakami is one of my favourites if that gives you an idea!