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The Skirt

I have worn this skirt non stop this summer. It fits really well, is super flattering on my somewhat short frame, and now I want one in every colour. In fact, I have just ordered one from Monki in an olive green and I can't wait for it to arrive. It will probably be worn to death with tights all winter, too! I've been thinking about the concept of a loose "capsule wardrobe" lately. Gathering a good quality base of essentials that can carry me through for longer periods of time, rather than buying cheaply and having to replace things as regularly. And then buying a few fun pieces every now and again to switch it up a bit. I've noticed because I haven't done much in the way of clothes shopping this year, what I do have has started to look scruffy/holey/frayed. It's all either high street, well loved vintage, or second hand. I guess this is my chance to sort out my wardrobe and buy some "investment" pieces! Trouble is, I can feel my style is changing, and I have no clue what to. Have you gone through a style change?

Also, I'm wearing lace trimmed cycle shorts because we biked to these locations, I've had these things for YEARS and they still come in handy, but they do like to peak out from under skirts and dresses. Whoops!

  1. Stripey top - Marks & Spencer, Limited Edition range
  2. Grey button skirt - Miss Selfridge, John Lewis sale
  3. Keds - TK Maxx
  4. lace trimmed cycle shorts - H&M

Photos taken by Harry