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Brighton Weekend & Inktober Haul

Over the weekend we visited Brighton for our friend Robbie's birthday. There was lots of eating, shopping, walking and giggling - just what we all needed!

We also went up the i360, I was the most nervous I'd been in a loooong time about it and almost talked myself out of it, but I'm so glad I didn't. We timed it with the sunset (obviously the most busy time of day, whoops), so the view was incredible, and I pretty much instantly forgot whatever it was that I was nervous about. Look at these two! BEAUDIFAL! Aaaaand then there's us... oh dear! Holy cats I need to figure out how to recreate this eggy bread. If you want a piece o' this, head over to Lucky Beach cafe on the sea front. YUM.

As the title promises, I also did a teeny bit of shopping. Mostly for Inktober as I'm lacking in sketchbook space right now, but I did find a print that I needed (needed!) to take home with me, too. The Dracula's Daughter print is from the Vintage Magazine Shop in the lanes, and art supplies are from Cass Art. I know Moleskine is getting a bit of a bad rap in the art world after changing their paper a few years ago, but this sketchbook was on offer and lets face it - It's a sketchbook! Ie: you aren't going to do really important final pieces in it. Or I'd hope not anyway! It feels okay to me, we'll see. The other goodies are a Pentel brush pen with four refills and a white gel pen. I have this brush pen already, but it was cheaper to get the refills with the pen than without...weird!

I'm probably not going to post for the rest of this month, but will be posting really regularly next month for the duration on Inktober! Yippee!