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1940s Style Workwear

Finally! A pair of 1940s style jeans that arent over-styled and too-long legged! I haven't enjoyed wearing skinny jeans for a looong time now but haven't been able to find a pair of semi smart looser fitting ones, vintage or otherwise. Until I came across these on Asos. I'm not usually one for spur of the moment purchases, but these were bought within 5 minutes of seeing them. Looking at these photos now, I guess I was kind of half inspired by the latest episode of Westworld - the high waisted loose fitting jeans, brown belt, striped shirt & neckerchief are pretty similar to what Dolores wore in episode 5...WHOOPS!

1. Shirt - Gap, old 2. Neckerchief - vintage, found in Brighton years ago 3. Jeans - ASOS 4. Belt - John Lewis, old