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DIY Festive Door Hanging / Wreath

How To Make A DIY Christmas Door Hanging

This afternoon we walked Milo and foraged a few festive looking leafy and twiggy things for me to make into a door hanging, and picked up the teeniest tree(!!!!so cute).

I am by no means an authority on floristry, but if you would like to give it a go, this is what you'll need/I used:

1. Sturdy twig 2. Foraged twigs, leafy branches, maybe some holly - anything you can find that looks vaguely festive! 3. Pine/yew branch. I bought mine from Waitrose 4. Twine 5. Ribbon in colour of your own choosing. Mine came from Tiger last Christmas. Gold or silver would definitely look good. Or navy...or pink. Okay I'll stop. 6. Anything sparkly that is easily attached. You could use baubles, glitter, wired beads like mine, anything you fancy.

I started off by attaching a length of twine to both ends of a sturdy twig

Then I trimmed a pine branch to my desired length and tied it to one end of the twig, and the centre of the twig so that it didn't droop too much. I left the ribbon hanging in the centre as I thought it looked pretty and acted as another layer to the whole thing (I bought these pine branches, as apparently they are impossible to find where I live, I've never noticed it before!)

Next up was attaching some other foraged twigs and ivy and wrapping some red ribbon around the ends of all the branches for a bit more colour.

And finally I attached some wired beads that I had left over from a present that was beautifully wrapped for me from last year, to add a bit of sparkle, and wrapped more ribbon around the ends to neaten it up - finished by tying a simple bow. TA-DA! So simple, and super quick, but I'm liking it! If you make your own, make sure to show me on instagram; tag me with @meganamey