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How To Make a Twinkly Festive Wreath

Being a flat dweller, no one will see a wreath on my door! 

 So I made one for my window, complete with twinkly copper wire lights. To make your own, you’ll need: 

  1. Coloured paper of your choice (you could even make a pink one!)

  2. Embroidery hoop (mine is 12 inches, but you can make it as big or small as you want, I like the idea of a tiny one)

  3. Hot glue gun & glue sticks

  4. Scissors or scalpel, depending on how perfect you want to get

  5. Paint (I used gouache, but poster/acrylic would be perfect, too!)

  6. Paintbrush

  7. Ribbon or twine in your choice of colour

  8. Battery powered string lights

  9. Lastly, if you need a hand with leaf shapes, download my printable

Start out by cutting out your leaves and berries (this is where my Printable comes in if you need a hand coming up with some shapes). These can be anything you like - holly, oak, ginkgo, eucalyptus, or a mixture of a few things. I then painted them to add some texture, let them dry, and with a pencil curved some of the edges, and pinched some between my fingers to add dimension and make them look more “realistic”.

Now that all your leaves are ready, start positioning them around the embroidery hoop without glueing, so you can get the placement vaguely how you want it. Take a photo! 

It’s hot glue time! Start glueing and placing the leaves on to the embroidery hoop, make sure to put any excess leaves on the back as well, so it looks pretty from both sides! 

We’re almost done... next, tie a bow and add it either to the centre at the bottom, or the centre at the top of the wreath, glueing it so that it stays in place. Aaaaand finally! Wrap the string lights around the wreath, placing some in front and some behind the leaves - you don’t need to be too neat with this; wonky is cute!

*clap clap clap* ta da! Hang in your window, fellow flat dweller, and enjoy!

Learning to Knit

One of my new years resolutions was to learn a new skill (or two!). So after stumbling across Wool And The Gang's website, I decided to give knitting a go! I've already finished two scarves. One being a tad too long. Okay thats an understatement, its full on 4th Doctor Who length, but Harry is being really nice about it and still wearing it even though it looks really funny. Need to work out if it's possible to shorten a scarf from both ends!knitting For my first scarf I used Wool And The Gang's Wooly Bully alpaca yarn in Lipstick Red, Eagle Grey & Pink Blush that I found at John Lewis in their winter sale. I didn't use a pattern (because I can't figure them out quite yet), but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. knitting first scarf first scarf first scarf And below is the longest scarf ever. This was about  two thirds of the way though. I should have noticed then that it was going to be massive! Once I fix it I'll take some better photos of Harry modelling it for me knitting