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Favourite Outfits: November

I post my outfits in my mirror like its 2008

on my instagram account, called The Maple Armoire, but I defintely have a few favourites from each month. These are my favourites from November. 

Cozy cardigans, stripes and looking like a cliche cartoon French person!


  • Big cozy cardigan from H&M - last year

  • Black trousers - Uniqlo, cigarette cut

  • Pinafore dress - Monki, a few years ago

  • Beret - Charity shop, had it for almost 10 years

  • Red shoes - Marks & Spencer last year

  • Woodland embroidered shirt - McVerdi (from L’Habilleur in Paris, which I HIGHLY recommend for discount/previous years collections of amazing brands)

I tend to re-wear items a lot, be sustainable where I can be, wear things for years until they fall apart and only invest money in things I know I’ll wear forever. I used to follow a lot of style/fashion bloggers and get a bit sad when they posted things the average person (me!) couldn’t afford. It just wasn’t, and isn’t, relatable to the majority. So I now just take inspiration from a few of those people, instead! It’s a lot more fun.

Draw My Duds: Stripy Everything

The amount of stripy tops in my wardrobe is obscene. This is the latest one, from & Other Stories. Which I have in a darker colour-way too, oops. I've been wearing a lot of dark colours lately, so decided to mix it up and wear two of the lightest coloured things I own - I didn't feel like myself, but I kinda liked it. These jeans hardly ever make it out in public anymore, but they are such a good fit... maybe I should dye them darker? I used my new pastel Promarker set from Winsor & Newton for this one. I've never used alcohol markers before, so it was really fun to see the colours lighten and even out as they dried - magic! Definitely got a taste for them now, they are really good for these quick outfit sketches... this might be bad for my bank account.

On a different note; I'm not ready for all of the blossom to leave for another year! Does anyone else feel a little sad when they start to die?

Only the top is available online now, although the jeans are the Farleigh jeans on Asos, similar here.

Aldeburgh Beach

For me, summer is never complete unless I've had a day at the beach. I don't even mind if it's not warm enough to wip my bikini out, or if my freshly cut hair gets a tad swept up by the wind. It's just such a good feeling to have sand underneath my feet and a sea to dip them in to. It actually wasn't as cold as it looks, either!

Harry's brother is back home for a few days, so we decided to squeeze the entire family in to the car, picnic and all, and drive down the Aldeburgh for the day. It's was a bit grey and windy, so I decided to go for a loose-ish pair of jeans that I could roll up if I wanted to paddle in the sea, and layers that I could easily shed if it got warmer. All of the clothes I'm wearing are at least 3 years old, apart from the scarf that was a birthday present. Someone take me shopping, stat!

All in all it was a lovely day out, aaand I got my beach fix. For now.

  1. Grey denim jacket - Monki
  2. black spotty top - H&M
  3. Jeans - asos
  4. Sandles - Salt Water Sandles
  5. Scarf - birthday present, vintage
The Skirt

I have worn this skirt non stop this summer. It fits really well, is super flattering on my somewhat short frame, and now I want one in every colour. In fact, I have just ordered one from Monki in an olive green and I can't wait for it to arrive. It will probably be worn to death with tights all winter, too! I've been thinking about the concept of a loose "capsule wardrobe" lately. Gathering a good quality base of essentials that can carry me through for longer periods of time, rather than buying cheaply and having to replace things as regularly. And then buying a few fun pieces every now and again to switch it up a bit. I've noticed because I haven't done much in the way of clothes shopping this year, what I do have has started to look scruffy/holey/frayed. It's all either high street, well loved vintage, or second hand. I guess this is my chance to sort out my wardrobe and buy some "investment" pieces! Trouble is, I can feel my style is changing, and I have no clue what to. Have you gone through a style change?

Also, I'm wearing lace trimmed cycle shorts because we biked to these locations, I've had these things for YEARS and they still come in handy, but they do like to peak out from under skirts and dresses. Whoops!

  1. Stripey top - Marks & Spencer, Limited Edition range
  2. Grey button skirt - Miss Selfridge, John Lewis sale
  3. Keds - TK Maxx
  4. lace trimmed cycle shorts - H&M

Photos taken by Harry

Sun and Life

These vintage Mexican embroidered 'peasant' tops always remind me of Frida Kahlo. Whenever I wear this one that I bought in Amsterdam a few weeks ago I feel like I'm sort of channeling the most positive aspects of her personality - strong, creative, independent & in love. Im also wearing my new favourite lipstick mentioned a few posts before this one - Urban Decays Vice cream lipstick in Bang. It's so hard to capture on camera, it's super bright in real life!

  • Vintage embroidered Mexican blouse - Laura Dols, Amsterdam
  •  Jeans - Asos, years and years old, similar
  • Belt - John Lewis, old
  • Shoes - Clarks, in the sale now!
  • David Bowie cat earrings - Oolala Design, a perfectly thought out gift, aren't they the best?!

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