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Daily Photos

This month I'm trying to take a photo a day and use the "panoramic"/multiple photo option on my instagram. These are from the first week (the first two are in my last post). I have to say though, I'm already getting tired of the multiple photo thing. I think it can look really interesting if done every now and again, but every day is a bit... boring?

My aim is to follow a monthly themed daily photo challenge on instagram for as many months as I can, with weekly updates here on the blog. What kinds of monthly themes would you like to see? Follow along on instagram to see my daily updates!

Little Lick of Life: November

And all of a sudden it's December! Here's what I got up to last month: Chilly walks with Milo, his head blended in with the leaves Foggy glasses Weather! These wool house socks from Muji are so cozy. I kind of want another pair so I can wear them every day... Isn't this pink room is Harrys parents house BEAUTIFUL? Even the ceiling is pink. I LOVE IT!