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Rose Gold Eyes

This actually looks a lot darker in real life, it almost looks the same as my first makeup post...whoops! I promise it's different, I just can't get away from my normal eyeliner routine. That and I need to get my lighting sorted (which basically means running around the apartment taking selfies until I get it right, hah!) I've been wanting rose gold/coppery eyes of late, so I bought myself a little Makeup Revolution palette last week and have been playing with it since. Question; Why on earth spend £40 on a palette (Urban Decay Naked 3, I'm looking at you!) when you can get one exactly the same for £4? And when I say exactly, I mean EXACTLY. I can't say anything about comparing formulas, but the colours are the same. Does anyone have both of these palettes and can explain to me if there are any glaring differences in quality? I'm also glad to see that my hair is getting a lot lighter since accidentally using a completely different colour to what I normally use a few weeks ago. Yeah, I don't know how I did that either. I'll be back to my redhead self in the next week or so I reckon!


  • Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette
  • Eyeko skinny liner
  • Revlon volume+length mascara


  • Kiko Milano Smart Lipstick in "913"