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Just a quick little breakfast scene from this morning... Aren't these little glasses lovely? When I saw them on the shelf in Liberty a little while ago I couldn't leave without them! I think technically one is a liqueur glass, but we use them for fruit juice most often. Although, quite a bit of my favourite, Saint Germain, has been sipped out of the flowery one! the mug is also from Liberty, I kind of wish I bought the other colourway (blue and grey) to go with it, oh weeeellllll

Oh and Harry cut some blossom for me the other day and didn't say anything, so I walked in to the kitchen and squeaked when I found them! They're in an old milk bottle, Harry's parents have loads of them hanging out in a bucket outside. I might have to steal a few more of them, some of the adverts on them are so charming.

Im really enjoying taking more photos of every day things with my camera rather than my phone at the moment...