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Clothing/Costume in film & TV 2 - Stoker

I need to think of a catchier title than that, don't I? Anyway, Stoker. Or more importantly 'India' (Mia Wasikowska) in the film Stoker. I would like her entire wardrobe pleasthanks! (I know this came out in 2013, I'm slow at getting round to things, okay?!) img_0775

There's a "modern Victorian" vibe going on which I can definitely get behind, seeing as that used to be the aesthetic of my entire wardrobe. High necked/collared button up blouses & dresses in muted neutral tones, a touch of black, knee length skirts & a slight gothic edge to it all while somehow remaining 'light'. It's funny, I keep looking to past me for outfit inspiration lately, I seemed to have it all figured out! Don't know why I ever doubted myself and started dressing differently (/boring-ly). 

Also; saddle shoes. I need a pair now.