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Favourite Things: August

1. This month I bought a few new items for our apartment from Rockett St George. If you haven't heard of this site before, go go go look now! I tend to buy a lot of vintage interiors, or make my own cushions and things because I find it quite hard to scout things out on the high street that aren't same-y and a bit boring. But Rockett St George tries to stay really individual and dare I say, "quirky", so it's a lot easier to hunt things down that I like! Of course there are a few bits on there that you think "okay, well I've seen that in LOADS of other places" (those damn cactus vases are everywhere right now!), but most of it is quite unique and caters to my mishmash-taxidermy-gold-and-shiny style. The insect wall hanging can be found here and the cushions here.

2. New favourite concealer! I bought the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer the other day after thinking about it for a couple of months and seeing lots of other bloggers use it and rave about it, and it knocks the socks off of every concealer I've ever used (It's also the most expensive one I've ever bought, so I should hope it would!). It just sticks. All day. And doesn't crease under my eyes as much as my NYX HD concealer did. Obviously ALL concealers crease, but this one doesn't haaaardly as much. I do wish they would bring it out in "Fair Warm" though. Fair Neutral was a bit too pink on my warm toned but pale skin, so I went for Light Warm, which I know will probably be too dark for me come winter. *shrug*

3. Blue walls. What?! I have never ever liked blue walls. Ever. But all of a sudden, I see this picture and fall in love with it. And then I see the Elle decoration article on it and I feel like I neeeeeed it. Very very strange for me; someone who likes earthy tones. Imagine that with my green velvet cushions, and orange velvet lamp shade, and actual pictures on the walls like we have been meaning to do forever. Yummy. You can find the article (in Swedish) here.

4. And finally, cornflower blue nail polish. Or more accurately; Barry M Coconut Infusion in Laguna. Another blue! Maybe it was a subconscious choice because I want blue walls?? No one is really feeling this colour on me, but I like it in a weird sickly sweet sort of way. Plus it's cruelty free and the formula is meant to nourish your nails with coconut water & oil. They even say not to use a base coat, so we'll see how it goes. I have been wearing this for 2 days now, so excuse the wear on them!

And that concludes my favourite things/things I bought in August! Does anyone else struggle with finding warm toned makeup for pale skin??