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Clothing & Costume in film and TV 3: Stranger Things

In looking for these photos I stumbled across a very Vice style (read; sarcastic, ironically un-ironic) Mtv article entitled "What in Gods Name is Nancy wearing on Stranger things?" Which promptly advised the reader where to get Similar versions of all of "this bitch"'s "insane" "13000 shirts on top of each Other" "Toddler’s Fantasy of a Gentle, Chronically Ill Librarian Who, at One Point, Was a Prima Ballerina, But Had to Give It Up Because It Was Too Stressful for Her Immune System" outfits. It confused the hell out of me and probably the writer, who clearly liked her outfits. In an ironic way though. Duh. Here's what I have to say about your article, Mtv: I LOVE Nancy's outfits in stranger things. I'm a sucker for practical yet still feminine clothing. And a shearling jacket has gone straight on my Autumn Wishlist. I'm not, however, usually a fan of 8o's style, so this is new for me! It's probably because her style is more 80's does 50's in a soft, preppy sort of way. And very small town Canadian, which is a soft spot for me, growing up in a small town in Canada! I also thought that her character was pretty badass, and handled herself a lot better than I did at her age. I mean obviously she made some rubbish decisions, but who doesn't when they're young! I also think, speaking as someone who is no longer a teenager and has a handle on my hormones, that she shouldn't have ended up with either love interest throughout the series. but maybe that's just me.   This jumper is really 40s/50s inspired, don't you think? It's so difficult to find a cropped jumper that doesn't look 90s at the moment! Also, cords are a winter staple for me, I might have to keep an eye out for a more straight leg pair rather than skinny...she's actually wearing blue Keds with this outfit, too! 👌

This outfit is pretty on trend right now, I don't think I'd take a second look at someone wearing this out and about today. Actually I probably would, to say to myself that their outfit looked good. And that jumper looks so soft. I seem to remember Boden doing a jumper similar to this last winter called the Audrey?? I might have to do some eBay trawling...