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Hello New Year

Wow, 2017 went by in a flash. I don't know if it's because I was busy (although I didn't really feel that busy), or if it's come to that point in my life where years are just going to go by faster and faster. The first few months were spent working like a crazy person two interior design projects. I then kind of fell off the radar and struggled a lot for the rest of the year with some long standing mental health issues. My nephew turned 1, Harry passed his driving test and I made a bad hair decision that I'm still growing out (whoops). My mum got married, we visited Hastings a few times, my dad opened his own shop repairing and selling watches & jewellery (where I work part time) and we visited The peaceful Dunwich beach several times. I honestly think it's turned in to one of my favourite places. I turned 27, took up running, gave up running (lol), my friend Emily got married and I bought my dream camera after years of saving. I left my job as an interior designer and, somehow, managed to find the strength to actually complete my New Years resolution of doing all of the physical and mental health related things that I had been putting off for many years. It was a huge deal for me, and I'm actually pretty proud of myself for going through it all. Everything is slowly getting back on track, and in December I even got three illustration commissions - so let's hope that carries on this year!

In 2018 I'd like to get my portfolio/blog combo up and running, blog more regularly, and I have set myself a little challenge of doing monthly every day photo challenges. I'd also like to shop more ethically, get some more illustration/photography work and become a little more emotionally available to the people in my life. It's all started off pretty positively - Harry and I hosted a New Year's Eve dinner for a few of our friends, we wandered around Southwold and squealed about all the puppies on the beach on New Year's Day and got soaked in the rain, and now we're in Hastings... getting soaked by more rain!

Vintage Lenses on My New Fujifilm X-T2

After saving up and getting excited for months and months - I finally bought myself a Fujifilm X-T2 with 18-55mm kit lens & vertical power grip. Yep, I'm back in the Fujifilm universe and couldn't be happier about it! (and I saved more money than I thought I would by trading in my old Olympus) Harry bought me a Fujifilm X10 when we first got together, almost 6 years ago (!!!) and I loved it, but after a few years I felt that I had outgrown it and wanted something with a little more bells and whistles. So I had a moment of madness and bought an Olympus OM-D E-M10. I loved that too, but I felt I outgrew it a lot faster than the X10, and at around the 1 year mark I felt a little held back by it. It also severely lacks a user friendly interface, finding settings was a nightmare as nothing is physically on the camera. Unlike the Fujifilm X range, where Apeture, ISO and shutter speed are actual dials on the top. I wasted so much time just trying to find simple settings!

I had heard a lot about using old SLR lenses on micro 4/3 and APS-C sensor cameras, but never really got in to it with my Olympus for whatever reason. Looking back, I have no idea what I didn't try it sooner?!? I bought a cheap FD to FX lens adapter from Amazon, as I have a few Canon FD mount lenses from my old AE-1, AND BAM! I love it. Using manual focus again can be a bit weird, but the end results are SO good. And its tripled my lens collection without having to shed out loads of money. Monstera & Harry photos Taken with the Vivitar 28mm f2.8 C/FD lens

Shooting film was my first photography love, way back when I was 16, and it feels so much like I'm doing that with these old lenses. It also somehow gives that film look and atmosphere?? It's like magic! Also, if you are planning on giving shooting video a go, there's a really good video all about adapting vintage lenses on to the Fuji X system from a Youtube channel called The Photo Dept - check it out here.  If you love shooting film, and the Fujifilm X system, its the perfect channel! Zissou & my Dads shop window photos taken with Canon 50mm f1.8

I will probably invest in a couple of Fuji X lenses over time (I have my eye on a couple of prime lenses), but for now - I've found my jam! If you love or miss shooting film, have a digital camera that has the option to use adapters and still have some old lenses, I definitely recommend trying an adapter and giving it a whirl! It's really made me start thinking again when I'm taking photos, and that can only be a good thing.

And Ode to Little Ondine

I touched on the fact that I received 6 little Ondine polishes (totalling 7 in my collection now! Including a top coat) for my birthday last month (thanks, Harry!) and have now successfully worn all of them. I can safely say I love them all! Some colours need a third coat, but that's not really an issue, they all last equally well and just as long as normal nail polish. AND you get to peel it off when your finished wearing it, which is unbelieeeeeevably satisfying. They're all cruelty free and chemical free, so I've found my nails are in much better condition now than they were when I was using normal nail polish. I still can't believe that some polishes have formaldehyde in them?!? Insanity. Anyway, here is my collection so far on my nails. I've used their "Secret" base and top coat on all of these, too, and would definitely recommend using it;

Karma is a dark blue toned green, this one needs 3 coats to achieve completely opaque colour. Red Red Wine is a dark, well, wine colour! This one needs two coats and I will probably get the most wear out of this one, too. Wine red is my go to nail colour for Autumn/winter. This one looks a little untidy because I had been wearing it for a couple days at this point, but it gives you an idea of how it wears, right?! Fusion is a nice true red and a real pop of colour on what I would imagine any skin tone. It's insanely bright on a sunny day and is a perfect summer colour. This one needs 2 coats. (Also look how well it goes with my new vintage top! Weeee! ...It's the little things) Blossom is a warm toned pastel pink. I find cool toned pinks look weird on my neutral leaning yellow skin tone so I've always avoided pinks in nail colour and clothing, but this one is pretty sweet and really Spring/Summery. It also needs 3 coats. Midnight is a greyish toned creamy dark blue but it's somehow still kinda warm?? I have no idea if that makes ANY sense, but it's great, really good for an evening out or when you want something a little moodier. This one needs 2 coats. And finally, Golden Eye. This is a yellow toned metallic gold. It's another one that seems to just change to a completely different level of bright when worn on a sunny day, it actually made Harry go "WOAH!" When he saw it, ha! 1, 2 or 3 coats, depending on how opaque you want it to be. It looks like a nice wash of colour with 1, and then builds up to completely opaque with 3. I'm wearing 3 in this photo.

So far, so good! I've completely stopped using normal nail polish for now. Next on my wish list is the box set of Little Ondine X Sophy Robson colours. Mmmm, space nails.