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Coraline & Kubo and the Two Strings

Coraline is one of my favourite films of ALL TIME, so when I heard about Kubo and the Two Strings (over a year ago now, the suspense is killing me!), I got excited about it. And stayed excited about it. For over a year. AH! I've actually had this post in my drafts for about 3 years now, just basically professing my love for Coraline, but now that Kubo is almost here I feel like it's more relevant. Or I'm telling myself that anyway.

I LOVE STOP MOTION ANIMATION. Yes it's technically a kids film. But the sheer amount of detail, effort, craftsmanship and time that goes in to films like this make me love them. Add on top of that a slightly creepy story line and I'm hooked. I actually haven't read the Coraline book, but apparently it's a lot darker, so it's definitely going on my reading list.

I've watched all of the Focus Features & Academy Originals videos on YouTube for both of these films, but here's one that kind of sums up the work that went in to Coraline in a short and snappy kind of way:

A not so short and snappy one about costume design

And finally, the monsters in Kubo. I mean seriously, look how enormous that skeleton is! I love looking at how they created the sets, characters and creatures. Dream job right there.

Kubo is yet to come out in cinemas in the UK, but as soon as it does I'M THERE. I have a feeling it's going to become another one of my top favourite animated films. Eek!

My Brooch Collection!

I've seen a few videos on YouTube recently of people's brooch/pin collections and thought it would be fun to try making a quick little stop motion animation of mine! Not sure I'm quite ready for people to see me and hear my voice in a video *cringe*. Plus, I would probably do my usual forget-what-I'm-saying-half-way-through-a-sentence thing and completely embarrass myself/take a million years to get a good take. Okay, overthinking finished! Here it is!