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Favourite Outfits: January

Cold weather means jeans, jeans and more jeans - even under dresses!

Some Outfit details:

  • Black scarf - hand knitted by your truly!

  • Grey jeans - Levis 501 skinnies

  • Wide leg jeans - Uniqlo

  • Necklace - Wolf & Moon

  • Cream jumper - Uniqlo a couple of years ago

  • Sandqvist bag - second hand Ebay find!

  • Pearl necklace - Helen Burgess Jewellery on Etsy

Phthalo Blue Birthday

I turned 27 yesterday. I had been quietly freaking out about it for a little while now; feeling like I hadn't "succeeded" in anything in particular, my blog and illustration work never taking off, getting closer to 30, feeling like maybe I've just not tried hard enough, work always getting the better of me. Just as it was all getting a bit much I read Brittany Bathgate's most recent blog post about age and how people and society perceive it and honestly; it couldn't have come at a better time! It gave me the little boost I needed. I've always thought of myself as a "late bloomer" - still looking awkward, unsure about myself and teenager-ish well in to my twenties. In reality, it was just because I cared too much about what other people thought of me - it hindered my growth massively when it came to my blog, personal style and illustration work. I know these are all ultimately superficial things, but they were (and still are) my life, and it affected my self confidence hugely. I tried too hard to fit in with the people around me, but working from home for the last year and taking a step back, no matter how alienating it was at the time, has made me realise who I am a little more when it comes to these things. Okay, I'm still struggling with my illustration style, but that's a story for another time!

What I'm trying to say is - no matter how old I am, I'm going to keep trying and doing the things I love to do. I don't think there should be this specific magical age that people have to feel successful and fully themselves by. We all constantly change and grow and we all put too much pressure on ourselves, from younger and younger ages, to be in a particular place in our lives by a certain age. Dress - FineryBag - still available from Ark in Cambridge Shoes - Birkenstock

This dress was a treat to myself for my birthday. It's from Finery London and it's my first piece of clothing in a long time that feels like it's really made well. Finery has been on my radar since they launched in 2014, but I have never afforded myself to buy anything from them until now. What a mistake that was on my part! I can tell this dress is going to be regularly worn and in my wardrobe for a long time, and will still look good for years to come. They aren't about fast fashion, and you can really tell. Their turnover isn't as quick as other high street shops, which is great for my indecisive mind that likes to mull things over for ages before committing to anything. This piece is a classic kimono/wrapover in a beautiful linen and a perfect shade of blue that reminds me of my Phthalo Blue gouache . Obviously it looks a little longer on me than on the model on their site, but that's always the case for me. The trials and tribulations of being short! If you are a small person like myself, I hope this gives you an idea of where it might finish on you!

Pondering Personal Style

I read this post by Rodelle of Adored Vintage recently, and it really hit home with exactly what I have been feeling lately. My personal style is such a huge part of my life, and has been even more so since starting this blog, discovering other blogs and the worlds of Pinterest & Instagram. I almost feel as if, because my life has become so saturated with people's styles around the world, and it's so readily available to me, it's made me question mine a lot. What do I REALLY like? Am I looking at this just because someone I admire looked good in it? Do these colours/this cut really suit me or is it just what's "In" at the moment? Do I really want to look like I'm wearing my mothers jeans? I get swept up in other peoples seemingly consistently beautiful, well curated personal styles, that I've forgotten how to do it myself; appreciating my own skin and what I like to wear on top of it.

I flirt with so many different styles and love so many different eras that it's hard for me to pin myself down to just one consistent, curated look. Maybe that IS my style - a mishmash of everything I love. One day muted colours and ankle length skirts, the next all black everything, the next a pop of colour and a neck scarf, the next a romantic lace blouse. Maybe I need to stop trying to find my "tribe" and start accepting my eclectic (why don't I like that word?), and somewhat hectic, style.

Top image - Shoes, Hat, Scarf, Outfit, Botanical Illustration

Bottom image - Shoes, Outfit, Poster, Top, Antique Bat Fan