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Pondering Personal Style

I read this post by Rodelle of Adored Vintage recently, and it really hit home with exactly what I have been feeling lately. My personal style is such a huge part of my life, and has been even more so since starting this blog, discovering other blogs and the worlds of Pinterest & Instagram. I almost feel as if, because my life has become so saturated with people's styles around the world, and it's so readily available to me, it's made me question mine a lot. What do I REALLY like? Am I looking at this just because someone I admire looked good in it? Do these colours/this cut really suit me or is it just what's "In" at the moment? Do I really want to look like I'm wearing my mothers jeans? I get swept up in other peoples seemingly consistently beautiful, well curated personal styles, that I've forgotten how to do it myself; appreciating my own skin and what I like to wear on top of it.

I flirt with so many different styles and love so many different eras that it's hard for me to pin myself down to just one consistent, curated look. Maybe that IS my style - a mishmash of everything I love. One day muted colours and ankle length skirts, the next all black everything, the next a pop of colour and a neck scarf, the next a romantic lace blouse. Maybe I need to stop trying to find my "tribe" and start accepting my eclectic (why don't I like that word?), and somewhat hectic, style.

Top image - Shoes, Hat, Scarf, Outfit, Botanical Illustration

Bottom image - Shoes, Outfit, Poster, Top, Antique Bat Fan