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Some New Things

  1. Pacifica Persian Rose body butter
  2. Pixi Glow Tonic
  3. Urban Decay Vice cream lipstick in Bang

It's funny how everything always runs out at once, isn't it? I hadn't had a good body moisturiser in a while, I've been rationing my Pixi glow tonic for WEEKS now, and well, I kinda just fancied a new lipstick from a brand that I haven't tried before (I know this is blasphemy to some! "She hasn't tried Urban Decay?! Whaaa?!")

The Pacifia body butter is vegan and smells beautiful. It's really different to other rose scents I've smelled before, and trust me, I've smelled a lot of roses in my time so far. No matter how cliche it is, it's still one of my favourite scents. This is so heavily scented though, that I'm worried how my sensitive skin will react to it. Fingers crossed it will be fine! I'd also really like to try their Dream Big mascara, does anyone know where I could get hold of it in the UK? Pixi glow tonic is kind of self explanatory, just about every beauty and lifestyle blogger out there goes on about this stuff. I find it really helps my flaky (mmm, lovely) dry skin and definitely helps to create a better, less flaky, environment for makeup and just generally.

Oooogh I'm excited about this lipstick. It's an orange-red that kind of looks like an obnoxiously bright coral on me. It's nice and creamy, which is perfect for my on-the-dry-side lips. Obviously it's not going to last as long as the matte liquid lipsticks everyone seems to be wearing right now, but I don't mind re applying if it means my lips don't look like the surface of Mars by the end of the day. Nooooow I kinda want their new Moondust palette, or their Moondust single eyeshadow in Solstice. Uh oh.

And that concludes Did I just do a haul post?

Little Ondine Ambassador + 10% discount!

I'm now a Little Ondine ambassador! Which means all you lovely readers get 10% off when you buy from with my code AMA10 ! I covered most of this in my last blog post, but Little Ondine are cruelty free, vegan nail polishes and have no harsh chemicals in them. They also don't smell, which means you can whip your bottle out and paint away wherever you like, without people turning their noses up at you! There are over 90 colours to choose from, plus mini twin packs (who can resist mini anything?) and collaborations every now and again. They also dry super quickly, so it's perfect for impatient people like myself who ALWAYS without fail smudge normal nail polish. 😳

Get 10% off with my code AMA10. I will also put this code in my sidebar so you can find it easily!

Mwah! My Everday Makeup

I was really scared to do a "beauty" post. I'm quite harsh on myself, and I feel like people I know are probably going to be like "ugh she's so shallow/boring/self indulgent/this is what every other lifestyle/fashion blogger does UGH" but you know what? I'm not sure I really care anymore... And that's beside the fact that it's probably all in my lil' head. I'm treating this as a kind of "learning to love myself" exercise. I really like makeup. My skin isn't the greatest and sometimes I beat myself up about it. I spend hardly anything on makeup/skincare and generally only replace what I run out of and didn't until recently research in to what I was buying (irresponsible!). I'd really like to change all that and try more things, so,  I'm going to take photos of experimental (I am not a pro by any stretch of the imagination) looks every time I get some new makeup, or see something I like on YouTube. They might also be inspired by favourite films, people etc and will always have a prominent spotlight on cruelty free and vegan cosmetics (more about the reason for this in a post at the end of the month). Anna Karena in "A Woman is a Woman" is probably next!

I'm going to start off with what I wear almost daily (well, when I know I'm leaving the house for anything other than buying food!);

Black liquid eyeliner cateye, mascara, and red lips. I have used collection 2000 liquid eyeliner since I was 18, but recently I've changed to Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper and I will not be going back! I use some Bourjois right now and I have a lot of Revlon nail polish, but I want to find and use more brands that are cruelty free & vegan and eventually, once what I have has been used up, only support brands that are.


I've taken these without glasses, as you couldn't really see what I was wearing behind them! The trials and tribulations of glasses wearing...

  • Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream in Ivory
  • Sleek Makeup blush in Flushed CF
  • Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper CF
  • Bourjois Push Up mascara
  • Art Deco eyeshadow in a transparent white with glitter (I can't find the colour name! Had it for a while now...) CF
  • Studio 10 Beauty brow lift perfecting liner, universal shade (from my first Glossybox) CF
  • Bésame lipstick in Cherry Red CF*

*CF stands for Cruelty Free